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Protects & Increases A Thriving Bee Colony!

• Protects against black queen cell virus

• Increases viral resistance

• Increases production

• Increases nutritional uptake

• Protects against pesticides (system pesticides)

• Increases parasite resistance

• Shows 99% effective in field results

• Contains: Water, 100% Organic Materials 

How does BEE SHIELD™ work?

The properties of BEE SHIELD™ prevent viruses from being able to enter the cellular structures of the bees by not allowing the viruses to attach to the cellular walls of the bee.  It doesn’t allow pesticides to be able to enter into the bee’s cells due to its ability to bind to such reactive elements. BEE SHIELD™ works by preventing the protein capsule of a virus from being able to communicate with the glycoproteins or carbohydrate antenna of the cellular membrane of an organism. This prevents cellular uptake of the virus in the form of endocytosis, a process of which introduces the single-stranded DNA and double stranded RNA into the cellular mechanisms of the cell. This does not allow for viral take-over of the organelles in the cellular matrix, stopping viral reproduction

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  1. BEE SHIELD™ Hobbyist (32 ounce spray)
    32 ounce BEE SHIELD spray; the perfect amount for an avid hobbyist.

  2. BEE SHIELD™ (2.5 gal.)
    2.5 gallons of BEE SHIELD.

  3. BEE SHIELD™ II Syrup (2 gal.)
    2 gallons of BEE SHIELD II Syrup Additive.

  4. BEE SHIELD™ Plus (2.5 gal.)
    BEE SHIELD Plus has beneficial microbes designed by nature to help a colony metabolize pollen and nectar. Protects against CCD, AFB, EFB, Chalkbrood, and nosemosis. BEE SHIELD Plus breaks down insoluble minerals, promoting stronger and healthier bees and an over all sturdier colony. Boost your hives ability to protect against the ever growing forces that are trying to destroy them.


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